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August 28, 2013
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Linguistic map of Europe by 1Blomma Linguistic map of Europe by 1Blomma
Linguistic map of Europe as of today. Striped areas indicate several mother tongues in the region. For example, Brussels is a majority-French city, shown striped French and Dutch because of the Dutch minority residing there.

Edit on January 5th (I followed some of your suggestions)

-Added Occitan
-Added German minority in Silesia
-Added Italian (Corsican) on Corsica
-Added English in Malta
-Grouped Ladin and Friulan together
-Changed the colour of Greek to better distinguish it from Arabic
-Increased the size from 2300x2000 to 2800x2400
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sjancok Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  New member  Writer
I. Well, all Slovak enclaves are missing:
1/ In southern Slovakia, there are enclaves north of the Danube near Komarno, and also in so called Matyasfold /between your line and flow of Maly Dunaj/
2/ In Hungary there are slovak language enclaves in Pilis (between Esztergom and Budapest), in the southern half of Nograd county (20 villages of compact slovak settlement) and overlapping the northeast of Pest county, in the Komarom county around Tata and Oroszlany, in the Borsod -Abauj - Zemplen county (in the Bukk mountains and in the Zemplenyi Mnts), and also great spread of enclaves in Bekes County (Bekescaba, Tot-Komlos etc)…

3/ In Romania there are slovak language enclaves in the Nadlak and in the Bihar county,…

4/In the Vojvodina there are six official languages among them also slovak and ruthenian (neither depicted in the map) slovak enclaves are in the Backa, Srem and also southern Banat.…

5/ Slovak enclaves in Subcarpathia are encircling the Uzhgorod and also there are more enclaves around Mukaceve and in the Uh and Uzok valley.…

6/ Slovak enclaves of Northern Spis and Upper Orava.

II. Ukraine is very simplicized, russian speaking areas are not depicted resp. depicted as mixed, but in fact areas now held by russian separatist in Ukraine has been long ago predominantly russian speaking, also main part of Crimea while crimean Steppe was settled with crimean Tatar majority (not depicted), in the Zaporozhie Oblast there is areas with clear majority of bulgarian and even greek speakers. Also in southern Transnistria there is bulgarian enclave and in Southern Bessarabia there are gagauzian communities (not only in Moldova where they enjoy autonomy) and large bulgarian language communities. 
Hayden120 Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
Fantastic work. I want to print this and put it on my wall! Minor suggestion: I recommend that the legend be revised for "Rhaeto-Romance" and "Serbo-Croatian", because currently they look like sub-groups of Occitan and Slovenian. Perhaps they should be in-line with the other languages in their respective families (Romance and Slavic) but grouped with labelled curly brackets.
Andrn Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
Oh, some other things I noticed:

1. Bulgarian is missing from Dimitrovgrad region (eastern Serbia); there are also some Vlach (Romanian) areas in NE Serbia, but they're quite minor…

2. There are some Serbian small enclaves in eastern and southern Kosovo…

3. Nr. 31 in Romania is in fact Croatian…
Andrn Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
It's a beautiful map. Well done!

Apart form some minor details this is one one of the best European linguistic maps I've seen so far.
Some of the corrections I think are needed:

1.Perhaps Kashubian should also be depicted (if Sorbian is depicted I see no reson why Kashubian shouldn't be)…

2. Some regional languages are missing from western Ukraine
- Hungarian in Transcarpatia:…
- Romanian in Transcarpatia, Chernivtsi Oblast and south Odessa Oblast
- Bulgarian in south Odessa Oblast…

3. The whole of southern Ukraine is shown as bilingual (Russsian-Ukrainian), although for example Kherson is over 70% Ukrainain-speaking, and in the Odessa Oblast only the city of Odessa and some isolated villages are mostly Russian-speaking.

4. Maybe Kiev, Riga, Liepaja (Latvia) and Chisinau (Moldavia) should be depicted as bilingual, as there are home to important Russian-speaking populations.

5. Transnistria should be classified as rather Russian-Romanian instead of Russian-Ukrainian. Most of the Ukrainians in Transnistria are Russian speakers.

GINart Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
On the North-West of Catalonia they speak Occitan (Aranese variant), and is more used, the 65% of the population in "Vall d'Aran.…
cd196 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
The non-inhabited areas should be white i think, see:…

or less colorful if rarely inhabited:… (shown in 4 steps),

otherwise people have the impression e.g: Scandinavia has the same population like Germany.

Really nice maps anyway, keep it going on!
Rodegas Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
hungarians in slovakia = 8.5% !
Djino Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
You should include Sardininan language
Djino Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
As well as luxembourgish (instead of german) and alsatian (instead of german)
AMCAlmaron Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Would Arpitan be worth including, or is it too small to show?
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