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April 5, 2013
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Die Neuordnung Europas by 1Blomma Die Neuordnung Europas by 1Blomma
The last map in my Germania map series showing the complete German domination of the continent after winning WW2.

The red lines show the Autobahns that were built in order to connect this vast empire. The black rail like lines show the extremely wide gauged railroad (3 meters wide, twice as wide as railroads are today) that were to be constructed as Germany's version of shipping routes on sea. What's the point of having the largest empire in the world if you don't also have the largest trains, right?

The cities (or rather, fortresses) of Nordstern (Trondheim) in Norway, Westhafen (Le Havre), Scherburg (Cherbourg), Brest and Sankt Nazer (Sainte-Nazaire) on the French Atlantic coast and Weißenburg (Belgrade) in Serbia were turned over to the Germans to ensure the safety of the Reich. The final peace treaty with France saw roughly all the territory that once belonged to the HRE be annexed by Germany, while Brittany was made an "independent" state comparable to the pro-Nazi Slovak Republic. Italy recieved Savoy, Nice (the entire departement, not just the old county) the Alps in between them, Corsica and Tunisia.

More information can be found on the regional maps.
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eddsworldbatboy1 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
isn't there supposed to be more Reichskommisariats?

Because there is gonna be one in Turkestan and Ural, along with a couple others that were planned
Duke-of-Nonsuch Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry to be a pain, but how did you achieve the black railway lines? I've been looking to produce the same.
Thin straight line and on top of that a dashed line that is very thick and very short
Question: does Germany have any colonies in Africa?
Africa is mostly ruled by France, Italy and Great Britain.
Germany that lacked Zyklon B to exterminate all Poles, Jews and other "subhumans". Crematoria would probably closed in 1950-1955.
I wonder what would happen to the Czechs? Is spared to their lives? Probably yes, after all, did not fight the Germans did not do anything to upset their new masters.
It's a shame that people are so easily forgotten that the Germans started the war, the Germans were attacking all around, the Germans murdered millions of other nations and especially Slavs and Jews. Now use the word Nazi. It was as if there were some aliens and were German. No one else.
Вот спасибо, никак фашистскую карту найти не мог, а тут всё на блюдечке с голубой каёмочкой разложено!
Again, what? I don't speak Russian
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