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Balkan Socialist Federation, 1964 by 1Blomma
Balkan Socialist Federation, 1964
The basic premise is a more successful Bled Agreement.

The Bled Agreement is signed in 1947, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia join to create the Balkan Federation in late 1948 (Dimitrov sided with Tito in the Tito-Stalin split). Albania joins the federation in 1949. After supporting the communists in the Greek Civil War for several years, the Federation actively engages in the conflict on the communist side. Together with the NLF and the Greek Communists they manage to win the war and join both Greece and Macedonia to the Federation.

The Federation is communist but more West friendly than the Soviet faction (basically just a large Yugoslavia), so the West sees this state as a counterweight to the Soviet Union and their satellites.

The current year is 1964 and there has just been an administrative reform to streamline the internal divisions of each Republic. Modelled on the French départements, special care was put into avoiding any regional nationalism when drawing the borders of each district. To solve the problem of where to place the capital for the Federation, a completely new city named Balkania (other names suggested were Balkanograd and Balkanopel, Balkania was chosen as it was neither Greek nor Slavic) was built in the Nišava valley on the Serbian side of the border with Bulgaria. Tito is serving as President of the Federation, and has been since the office's inception.
Europe after a Central Powers victory by 1Blomma
Europe after a Central Powers victory
An expansion of the scenario from this map…

Some information about the current(1924) state of affairs:

Finland - democratic monarchy. German prince on the throne.
Lithuania - authoritarian monarchy much like Big Brother Germany. German prince on the throne.
Ukraine - authoritarian monarchy(sort of) headed by a Hetman. Used to claim the Don and Kuban areas but eventually gave up any hopes of ever controlling them in exchange for a treaty with the Soviet Union.
Soviet Union (still called Russia by most people) - communist state, pretty similiar to what it was irl.
Georgia - republic under German protection. Anti-Ottoman and anti-communist.
Azerbaijan - republic. Ottoman puppet state.
Livonia - duchy in personal union with Prussia, the King of Prussia is also the Grand Duke of Livonia.
Austria-Hungary - gained some goodwill from its citizens after winning the war, the bounty being land from its neighbours and bread from Ukraine.
Bulgaria - annexed half of Serbia and a small part of Greece during and after the war.
Ottoman Empire - the successful campaigns in Caucasia and the Middle East helped stabilise the nation.
Germany - the social democrats and communists have mostly quieted down, voluntarily or otherwise. Still running into trouble in the east though, with Poles calling for the right to self-determination.
Serbia, Montenegro, Albania - Austrian puppet states. There are talks of unifying the three as an Adriatic Kingdom under an Austrian monarch.
France - revanchist. Tried to spin the end of the war to a French victory since they actually gained net land area(colonies). The public didn't buy it.
Everything I publish to Deviantart is free to use for anyone. No need to ask me about permission, I reserve no rights for anything here.
Las Malvinas son Argentinas by 1Blomma
Las Malvinas son Argentinas
Fictional poster for the return of the Falklands to Argentina
Sverige / Sweden by 1Blomma
Sverige / Sweden
Karta över Sveriges län och landskap. Målet med kartan är att få en lättläst, informativ och snygg karta över Sverige där man kan jämföra landskaps- och länsgränserna. Som alla vet är det väldigt lätt att blanda ihop län med landskap, speciellt när de har samma namn men olika gränser. Använde så mjuka och bleka färger som möjligt för att göra kartan lättare att titta på, men fortfarande så pass starka att man kan skilja på de olika länen.


Map of the counties (län) and provinces (landskap) of Sweden. The reason for creating this map is to get a map that is easy to understand, informative and also good looking, combining both the borders of the counties and provinces. Some provinces and counties share names but have different borders, which can rather confusing. I used as soft and pale colours as possible to make it more appealing to look at, but still as strong as to be able to diffrentiate different counties from each other.

The counties of Sweden are the main administrative divisions, while the provinces are historical and cultural divisions.

Circles - county capitals
Star - county and country capital
Gray lines - county borders
Red dotted lines - provincial borders
Grey and red dotted lines together = county and provincial borders
Everything I publish to Deviantart is free to use for anyone. No need to ask me about permission, I reserve no rights for anything here.



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